Shipping Information

If the temperature is below 45 degrees, or above 75 degrees Fahrenheit we will not ship orders. Extreme temperatures can ruin wines, and no one wants that. Our shipper watches the temperatures in each place that your wine will travel through, and if it is too hot or cold, we will hold the wines until it is save to ship. 

Shipping delays vary depending on the season and where the wine will be shipped to.  At the height of winter, and summer the waits will be longer. Sometimes up to a month or two during June, July, & August.

The typical open shipping windows are from the end of February until June. Then again from September to November. Depending on the year and how quickly weather comes in (snow and cold, or heat and humidity), will depend on the delay. Typically wines will NOT be shipped during July, August, December and January due to the extreme weather all over the country.  

All items will be shipped out between 5 to 8 days following your order. This allows us to avoid packages sitting in warehouses over the weekend, and depending on when your order is placed, someone is at the winery to receive and drop that order. 

If you need your shipment faster than Ground shipping (typically 3 to 5 business days), please contact us. Examples include: for a present, anniversary, going out of town, etc...We can expedite shipments for an additional fee if needed. 

If you have any questions don't hesitate to call or email us.   |    425.362.9165